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Though we do have a new name, you can rest assured that our team, passion and experiences remain the same. LEANTO offers authentic, effortless and inspiring glamping experiences. If you're looking for Washington State glamping, then our glamping on Orcas Island in Moran State Park will be perfect for you! Orcas Island is in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. You'll also find great glamping in Oregon at Vagabond Lodge. Hood River is just down the road!
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We’re a team of passionate trailblazers who provide basically luxurious lodgings throughout the Northwest.

Our glamping experiences are everything that you’ve always wanted camping to be – authentic, effortless and inspiring. You get the romance of the tree branches dancing behind canvas, the patter of the wood pecker, the crackle of the campfire, a cold nose around 3am and that unavoidable walk to the washroom.

You’ll toss aside your electronics, forget about your car keys and remember what quality time and exploration are all about.

You’ll remember that there’s an amazing natural world surrounding you that there isn’t an app for, which you can’t tag but that you need to appreciate – more.

Why yes, we do have a new name!

Rest assured that our passion, team and experience remain the same!

Meet Our Team

LaurenAdventure Ambassador + ALL of the Above.
Lauren runs the show. She’s got a long history of hospitality excellence in the San Juans and can literally do it all. You’ll chat with her on the phone, meet her at check-in and catch her making sure that your glamping tent is spotless.

She moved to San Juan Island from Portland when she was seven and moved to Orcas to help us launch our Moran State Park venue. When she’s not working tirelessly to take care of our glamping guests, she’s always exploring with her horse, dog and camera!

In case you’re counting, Lauren is lugging SIX duffle bags in her profile shot. Trust us, it’s fitting.

DonContractor + Right Hand Man.
Don’s always got our back. He’s been our building and setup contractor everywhere that we’ve gone and has been known to cook a killer campfire feast after a hard day’s work. Oh, and he’s moved plenty of boulders and logs that no human should – just for fun.

Don moved to San Juan Island with his family back in 2010 and has been any place a person could be in the Northwest. When he’s not with us at Camp he’s all over the San Juan Islands doing anything you can think of helping everyone that he meets. Of course, when the work’s all done, he’s always playing outside!

ScottChief Experience Officer
Scott’s the hotel geek who can’t stop thinking about enhancing our glamping guests’ experience. We’re not sure if he sleeps, but from making your bed to making this website, he’s shaped every part of the LEANTO experience.

Scott grew up in Central New York camping as much as possible, and, after resort GM roles in Florida and San Juan Island, Scott launched his own hospitality consulting company, now ‘brand new stay’ in 2011. LEANTO launched in 2014 and that’s when Scott moved from San Juan Island to Orcas Island. Just like his colleagues, when Scott does take a break, it’s always outside!