Washington State Glamping

Though we do have a new name, you can rest assured that our team, passion and experiences remain the same. LEANTO offers authentic, effortless and inspiring glamping experiences. If you're looking for Washington State glamping, then our glamping on Orcas Island in Moran State Park will be perfect for you! Orcas Island is in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. You'll also find great glamping in Oregon at Vagabond Lodge. Hood River is just down the road!
FAQs 2016-11-13T19:12:56+00:00
Where do you get your photos? 2016-11-13T19:13:05+00:00

Most of the photos that we feature on our website are the ones that we’ve taken.  If you see a shot with the watermark ‘Satya Curcio Photography,’ then that means the image came from our good pal and amazing photographer, Satya!  Learn more about what she can do here!

How chilly does it get? 2016-11-13T19:13:05+00:00

That really depends on the time of the year that you visit.  Orcas Island is known to be much cooler than most places in the country during the summer which makes it a refreshing summer escape.  If you’re visiting during a cooler time of the year, remember to pack a few more layers than you think you’ll need.  You’ve got to stay warm hanging around camp and the Island outside all day – not just when you turn in for the night.  Please also note that our glamping tents will not offer any utilities or heat!

You can read our blog with some cool weather camping tips here.

What’s the wildlife situation? 2016-03-02T21:45:40+00:00

You’ll see lots of deer, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons and crows.  Any of these guys can make your camping experience more of an adventure than you had planned for so it’s critical to keep a clean camp and keep all food in hard-sided containers to avoid any unwanted visitors at your campsite.

Is your camp handicap accessible? 2016-02-26T20:12:20+00:00

Our glamping sites are accessed by a trail on uneven ground up a hill so, unfortunately, they are not handicap accessible. Moran State Park does offer an accessible site in the South End Loop so please give their reservations line a ring to find out more about that option.

Are guided activities included in the nightly rates? 2016-03-16T20:46:30+00:00

Your nightly rate is based on overnight lodging only so you’ll have to coordinate your own food, beverage and fun! We can help direct you to the right vendor for the adventures that you’d like to embark on and encourage you to have a look at our Orcas Island Activities Page here.

Do you provide meals? 2016-03-06T15:12:49+00:00

While we do not offer meals, we do outfit each campsite with a fire ring, folding grill and teapot. You can add our ‘cook out kit’ if you’d like to borrow a set of BBQ tools, a deluxe cooking fork, foil, a cast iron frying pan and cast iron pot for a small fee to release you campfire chef without the hassle of packing more gear.

There are a variety of great food options around Orcas Island and in Eastsound if you’d like someone else to do the cooking!

Do you have an office at the park? 2016-02-26T20:07:09+00:00

Our office is about 3 miles from the glamping sites. We’re generally on-site at 8am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm and can be available as needed throughout your experience with us.

Rest assured that we’ll pick a time to meet you at the glamping sites to get you all checked-in and orientated to your site and our camp!

How does housekeeping work? 2016-02-26T19:35:50+00:00

Ask! We won’t refresh your accommodation during your stay unless you let us know that you’d like us to.  It’ll make more sense once you’re here but we do have a mailbox program that’s pretty effective for communication!

When is check in? How about Check out? 2016-02-26T19:32:56+00:00

Check out is by 11am and Check in starts at 3pm.

Do I need a Discover Pass to camp in your glamping sites? 2016-02-26T19:28:17+00:00

If you’re a registered overnight guest of our glamping sites, then you won’t need a Discover Pass to enjoy Moran State Park during your stay. You will, however, require a Discover Pass to enjoy other State Parks in the San Juan Islands as a day use guest so we recommend that you purchase an annual pass if you plan on visiting more than Moran State Park during your vacation in the San Juan Islands!

What’s the weather usually like? 2016-11-13T19:13:05+00:00


Orcas Island is generally warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than most spots in Washington State. Plus, that rain shadow you’ve heard about is really true so we do get lots of sun. That said, plan to pack and prepare for all weather conditions – rain, hot days, cool nights and everything in between!

How close are you to the ferry? 2016-03-16T20:51:52+00:00

Our glamping sites are about 14 miles from the Orcas Island Washington State Ferry terminal. That’s about a 25 minute drive.

Get more directions to our glamping sites here.

Do I really have to reserve the ferry? 2016-02-23T22:10:33+00:00

Yes, please! the Washington State Ferries began accepting vehicle reservations January 2015 so please reserve a spot on the boat that you’d like to take well in advance of your travel date if you’re driving on.

If you’re just walking or cycling on the boat, you won’t have to reserve a spot.

Do you charge for kids? 2016-02-23T22:08:19+00:00

Yes, we do. Please note that sites 3 and 4 have a maximum occupancy of two guests. Sites 5, 6 and 7 can accommodate up to four guests on each site so, if you have more than two guests in your party and book Site 5, Site 6 or Site 7, we’ll add $14.99/night for each guest over the age of 13 in Sites 5, 6 and 7.

How many guests can stay on each site? 2016-02-23T22:05:57+00:00

We have listed maximum site occupancies throughout our website and booking engine:

Site 3: Max 2 glampers
Site 4: Max 2 glampers
Site 5: Max 4 glampers
Site 6: Max 4 glampers
Site 7: Max 4 glampers
*Please note that kids count as glampers, too so Site 3 and Site 4 will accommodate two guests tops and maybe a child under 5. The base rate for Site 5, 6 and 7 are all based on two guests so we’ll ask for $14.99/night for each additional guest 13 and older.

What’s the bathroom situation like? 2016-02-23T22:02:09+00:00

Moran state Park:  Guests of our Moran State Park glamping sites will have access to the campground flush toilets and showers. These are available to all guests in the South end loop and yes, the showers are coin-operated!

Vagabond Lodge:  Guests of Vagabond Lodge glamping sites will have access to a porta-potty as well an a free outdoor shower.

Can I bring my own tent? 2016-02-23T22:00:03+00:00

Not to a glamping site! We’ve outfitted the sites for your comfort and are unable to allow or accommodate any additional tents.

What’s in the tents? 2016-11-13T19:13:05+00:00

Have a look below or download the LEANTO Moran State Park Packing Guide here!


Our queen beds offer a real mattress with full linens, a cozy duvet and a wool blanket

Our twin daybeds will come with a bed-in-a-bag which will allow you to use the daybeds as sofas and then switch them to beds when you turn in for the evening.

Our bed-in-a-bag offers a mattress pad, fitted sheet, cozy duvet, throw blanket and a pillow.  Just let us know if you’d like the daybeds all made up as sleeping beds for your arrival, otherwise, we’ll have the bed-in-a-bag ready and waiting for you!


We provide flashlights, lanterns and led tap lighting throughout the tent


We’ll provide a set of towels for each camper to help you enjoy the shared campground shower that’s a walk away
along with nice shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion in a handy tote to borrow.  The State Park shower is coin-op so we provide quarters for each guest upon arrival, too.

Packing Tip:  Be sure to have some flip-flops, water shoes or sandals for the shower as well as extra quarters!


Inside the tent:

  • Sitting table and chairs, utility table, bedside tables
  • Luggage rack, towel rack, coat rack
  • Three-drawer dresser

Outside the tent:

  • One Adirondack chair per camper, a fire ring with folding grill, picnic table with tablecloth and umbrella

Packing Tip:  You can purchase our campfire kit* for $9 + tax which will include fire starters, kindling and logs to get you a good campfire from start to finish.  These usually last about 3 hours.  You can also buy just logs at the state park through a different concession.

*Subject to availability and State Park burn bans!


We’ll provide a welcome hot beverage basket with fixings for cocoa, cider, coffee and tea along with mini-moos, stevia in the raw and sugar in the raw.

We also gear you up with the following upon your arrival:

  • Paper coffee cups with lids, stir sticks, corkscrew/bottle opener, salt and pepper
  • Water bottles that you may take with you!
  • A cooler (grab a bag of ice in town or the Country Corner), clever coffee dripper, teapot, dishpan and water jug for the spigot around the corner from your glamping site
  • Dish towel, wet-wipes, facial tissue
  • Camp guide with a hiking map, Island map and a list of Island happenings and food spots!

Packing Tip:  If you need more than what’s listed, check-out our add-ons here!  These vary in price and are designed to make it even easier for you to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time sweating the small stuff.

Add-ons available include dishes, cooking gear, campfire kits, propane camp stoves and morning coffee service!

Is breakfast included? 2016-02-23T21:45:05+00:00

We’ll welcome you with granola, coffee, tea, cocoa and cider for your arrival but do not offer a full breakfast. If you’d rather have us make the coffee for you, you can add our ‘Morning Coffee’ add-on to your experience at the time of booking. If you’re looking for a nice hot breakfast there are plenty of restaurants in Eastsound and a few in Olga.

How many cars can I park at the campsite? 2016-02-23T21:50:52+00:00

1 car : 1 glamping site.

We’ve got to be strict about this one because parking is really tight in the South End Loop. Oh, nothing in tow either – just one vehicle per glamping site!

Will my cell phone work? 2016-02-23T21:53:01+00:00

Moran State Park:  Probably not while you’re at camp. You may get reception on Mt. Constitution, near the ferry and in Eastsound but we can’t guarantee it. Please double check with your service provider if constant connectivity is critical for you!

Vagabond Lodge:  You’ll likely get a voice signal and spotty data.

Are pets allowed? 2016-02-23T21:55:07+00:00

Moran State Park:  While we love furry friends, pets are not allowed at the Moran State Park glamping sites.

Vagabond Lodge:  Vagabond may be able to accommodate your pet – give ’em a ring!

Are there utilities at the glamping sites? 2016-02-23T21:57:40+00:00

Moran State Park:  While there are no water or electric hookups at the glamping sites, there is a washroom with flush toilets and hot coin-op showers and water spigot nearby.

Vagabond Lodge:  While there are no water or electric hookups at the glamping sites, there is a porta-potty, outside shower and water spigot nearby.