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Though we do have a new name, you can rest assured that our team, passion and experiences remain the same. LEANTO offers authentic, effortless and inspiring glamping experiences. If you're looking for Washington State glamping, then our glamping on Orcas Island in Moran State Park will be perfect for you! Orcas Island is in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. You'll also find great glamping in Oregon at Vagabond Lodge. Hood River is just down the road!

Must see: Moran State Park

Moran State Park on Orcas Island is one of the top spots for exploration in the San Juan Islands.  While you could explore this wilderness playground for days and only uncover a fraction of its breathtaking beauty, you absolutely have got to check out these must-sees while you’re glamping with us in Moran State Park.

Little Summit

LEANTO Moran State Park Mount Constitution

Sure, the view from the Summit of Mount Constitution is breathtaking – but don’t let this one pass you by.  The parking spaces for Little Summit are about half way up Mount Constitution Road on the right hand side and it’s just a short walk to tremendous vistas overlooking the San Juan Islands.

If you’ve got an appetite for a hike to the Summit of Mount Constitution, then this is the perfect trailhead.  Climb the remaining 389 feet over the 2.2 mile trail to the top.


Sunrise Rock

LEANTO Moran State Park Sunrise Rock

Not too many people head up to sunrise rock – that might be a big part of why we like it.

The trailhead for this one is right around the corner from our glamping sites and the hike is a quick 700 feet in just .7 miles.  Once you’re up to the top, you’ll have a nice vantage point overlooking Cascade Lake.  Speaking of Cascade Lake, you could pick up the Cascade Lake Loop trail on your way down now that you’re all warmed up.

Cascade Falls

LEANTO Moran State Park Cascade Falls

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, Cascade Falls is totally worth a visit.  While there a few ways to get to the falls, driving and hiking are the most popular.

If your energy level or timing only allows for a drive and a quick walk down, then head up Mount Constitution Road and keep an eye out for the Cascade Falls trailhead on yo’6ur right.  There’s a steep trail down to the base of the falls with stairs that can be slippery so, in the event that you’re not excited to traverse that terrain, you can view the falls from the Upper Lookout.

Hiking to the falls from our Moran State Park glamping sites is easy.  Pickup the trail from the same trailhead that takes you up to Sunrise Rock and, instead of taking a right to Sunrise Rock, hang a left and enjoy the gradual incline over .9 miles up to the falls.

If you’d like to keep going, you can follow the Cascade Creek trail all the way up to Mountain Lake – you’ll be treated with a few additional falls along the way.

Mount Constitution Observation Tower

LEANTO Mount Constitution Moran State Park Orcas Island

If you’re only on Orcas Island long enough to drive to the Summit of Mount Constitution, climb to the top of the Observation Tower and then grab a souvenir from the Friends of Moran Summit Gift shop – do it.






We sure hope that these tips have helped plan your visit to Moran State Park.  Remember, if you’re glamping with us, you’ll be in the South End Loop campground smack in middle of this big playground!  Drop by our website to have a look at our Moran State Park glamping sites or to plan your own hiking adventures and write your own ‘must see’ list.


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